From brand management to soft-proofing, we have a variety of pre-media solutions

01 pre-media

Classic helps brands operate at full capacity.

We begin by developing a customized, secure hub for your content. From there your assets seamlessly flow in and out to ensure consistency, streamline distribution and proofing, accelerate reaction times and improve flexibility.

We also offer best-in-class media production and color management, exceptional customer service, and results that improve your bottom line.

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From grit coating to color-switching, we have a large variety of processes that help bring your brand to life. We are Chicago's most innovative printer.

02 innovative printing

You won't believe what a press can do.

With decades under our belt and an arsenal under our roof, we’ve perfected a myriad of print and finishing techniques that boost visual impact, enhance tactility and create an experience for the senses. We’ve even made it affordable.

The result: measurable profits and prominent awards for our clients, who trust us to execute their most crucial and challenging projects.

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3d modeling and animation, expert retouching, motion graphics and more - we breathe life into your brand.

03 digital artistry

If you can dream it, we can craft it.

Our digital artisans pride themselves on being able to realize any creative vision. Whether enhancing pre-existing images or starting from scratch, our amazing pool of talent regularly produces print, web, motion graphics, 3D modeling and animation, retouching, photography and illustration.

Whatever the medium, let’s breathe true life into your campaign.

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The generation of fresh and innovative ideas is what our idea lab is all about.

04 idea lab

Behind every great campaign is a brilliant idea.

Idea Lab is our platform to collaborate with clients when the situation calls for the unexpected or impossible. We help clients seize distinction in the marketplace, by mastering emerging digital platforms or bringing new angles to traditional print.

Check back often for recent creative concoctions and works in progress.

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“Where Print Becomes Art.”


Classic is a world leader in pre-media, digital artistry and innovative printing. For over 40 years we’ve crafted solutions, honed relationships, mastered technologies and expanded capabilities to exceed our clients’ highest expectations.

We work with Fortune 500s and boutique businesses, with a focus on ensuring brand consistency regardless of process or medium. Our process is seamless from concept to fulfillment, delivering quality down to the finest detail—and always with an eye on schedule and scope.

We bring simplicity to your business. We bring quality to your ideas. We bring your brand to life.


Gold Ink
Sappi The Standard: Volume 5

Gold Ink
YUPO Swatch Book

Sappi Printer of the Year
Baron Wolman

Sappi Printer of the Year
Stop The Violence

Graphis Gold
Verso Paper Books

Premier Print
Sappi The Standard: Volume 6

Premier Print
The Design of Ingo Maurer and Ron Arad

Premier Print
Kia K900

FPO: Best of Show, judges pick
Wright, 20th Century Carpets

Graphis Gold
Sappi Dwiggins


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